Friday, March 31, 2017

Bulbasaur t-shirt

So.... I started this Pokemon cross stitch more than two months ago, thinking I could whip it up in a matter of hours. I'm using waste canvas and 4 strands of DMC embroidery floss to cross stitch the design on a t-shirt. I found the pattern for free here.

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I worked on it for an hour. Counting cross stitch takes a lot longer than I estimated.

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And then I worked on it on and off while I watched episodes of Gotham at night. Highly recommend, BTW. At this point, I'm probably 15 hours in and I starting to regret my decision to do this. Should I leave the bulb off Bulbasaur? This is taking so long.

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Pretty soon I'd been working on it on and off for a couple months (!!).  It's starting to look really neat, so I soldier on.

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And then after a couple more hours it's finally done. I love it!!

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Most importantly, Isaac loves it. He got a lot of compliments on it and was so pleased to tell all his friends that his mom made it. I feel like I have to take advantage of the fact that my kids will happily wear things I make for them :)

Bulbasaur probably took about 30 hours of work, split between bus commutes and TV watching. I already started another (smaller!) project that may actually only take a couple hours.

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