Friday, March 4, 2016

Ticker tape canvas

It's done!

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I'm so happy to be hanging my ticker tape canvas today! I started it at the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild's February meeting. Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts gave us a quick how-to and then we all got to work trimming, gluing and swapping scraps.

I started with the bit of Heather Ross bumble bee fabric, which I chopped out of a (previously uncut) fat quarter. So much for starting with scraps! I feel a little guilty every time I fussy-cut fabric - my grandma took me to many meetings of her church sewing group where much time was spent carefully arranging and rearranging pattern pieces, trying to squeeze as many pattern pieces as possible onto a yard of fabric. I try to assuage my fussy-cutting guilt by reminding myself that fabric sitting on the shelf, uncut and unused for years, is also a waste. I'm hanging this ticker tape canvas in my sewing room, where I'll get to see it (nearly) every day.

I'm linking up to Amanda Jean's Finish it up Friday post.

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  1. How wonderful to meet Amanda Jean! You are right that not using fabric is a waste too. Love your project.