Tuesday, September 29, 2015

[finished] Candy Land quilt

The Candy Land quilt is done! It's on its way to its new home today.

I was unsure of the quilting at first, but it grew on me. It helped that other MMQG members complemented it as I quilted it during our retreat last Friday. It's always nice to get reassurances from people who know what they're doing :) I used my walking foot to make curved lines, resembling the winding path on the board game. The lines are a little wonky. Some of the wonkyness is on purpose, some not. After washing and drying the quilt my doubts are gone - I love this quilt!  

The quilting is more noticeable on the back. I used some of the leftovers from the front and a random scrap of blue Kona (bottom left) from my stash.

I prewashed the fabric, all Kona cottons, in hot water and sent them through the dryer. I washed the light colors separate from the dark, and I washed the white by itself. The Clover Kona did backstain the white background a tiny bit when I washed the finished quilt in cold water with two white towels and three color catchers. I won't say I'm surprised... I've had problems with red and blue Kona bleeding before, too.

This quilt turned out just as I'd envisioned it when I started sketching designs and doing math. It's so nice when that happens!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Resizing the Clockwise Pinwheel Block

Last week I scaled up my Clockwise Pinwheel block from 4.5" to 12.5" (unfinished). This block is going to Karen, this month's Sew2Bee2 queen bee for the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild.

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This week I'm working on creating templates for the 12.5" block. They should be done and up on Craftsy by Friday.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Candy Land quilt WIP

Early this year we started playing Candy Land with Isaac. We have a 1980's edition of the game. I love the color palette and illustrations!

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  Our version has (dog-eared) cards - some of the new versions have spinners instead. 

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I sat down with the Candy Land cards and my Kona color card and picked out a stack of fabric: Lipstick, Orange, Yellow, Clover, Cyan, Purple and (how appropriate!) Candy Pink. I chose Kona Snow for the background. This made me a little nervous - I don't use a lot of white in my quilts, and this is a baby quilt for a friend. I feel a little bad gifting a white baby quilt... but I think this really calls for a white background. I'll wrap up a bottle of stain stick with the quilt. Here's what the project looked like last week:

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  And here's what it looks like this week: 

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So far I'm loving it. I have one more row of tiles in progress. I want to keep this simple so I think I'm going to limit the quilt to three rows of tiles with a lot of background space. I'm planning some curved line quilting, maybe free-motion but probably guided by my walking foot.