Friday, May 22, 2015

Tutorial: Clockwise Pinwheel Coasters

I have a tutorial for my Clockwise Pinwheel Coasters! You'll need:

  • A copy of the templates

  • 11 different scraps of fabric: 8 for the pinwheel, 1 for background, 1 for backing, and 1 for binding

  • scrap of batting

Gather your supplies. I chose a rainbow of fabrics for the pinwheel. Download and print the templates. I like to iron a few layers of freezer paper to the back of my templates before cutting them out - they're more durable and (I think) the extra thickness makes cutting easier.

Cut the following pieces:

  • 5" square of batting

  • 5" square of backing fabric

  • 2" x 24" strip of binding fabric

  • 8 triangles for the pinwheel

  • 4 background A pieces

  • 4 background B pieces

Lay out your coaster. Alternate background A and B pieces around the outside of the pinwheel.

Line up the background pieces right-sides-together with the triangles. On the right is Background A lined up with a triangle, on the left is Background B lined up with a triangle and ready to sew. Notice the colorful "ears" peaking out behind the background.

Stitch the pieces together using a scant 1/4" seam allowance. Start stitching at the straight edge and stitch towards the "ears." Press the seams open. Lay out your coaster again.

Stitch together pairs of triangles. Press the seams open.

Stitch the squares together. Press the seams open. Make the quilt sandwich (top-batting-backing) and quilt your coaster. Trim. Bind. Repeat 3x more for a set of coasters. Cheers!

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  1. I just want to thank you for making these free patterns available. My life took a drastic change two years ago and I just cannot afford to take classes or buy patterns or fabric anymore. So you making these patterns available to me I am able to dream, have some fun, and make good use of the stash that I accumulated while I was working and could afford to buy beautiful fabrics. I am 72 and still working just to keep a roof over my head and take care of my dog Molly. And, I am able to make gifts for my children and grandchildren. Quilting makes my heart happy. Thanks for that.

  2. You're welcome! I'd love to see what you make with my pattern. Quilting makes my heart happy, too :)

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  4. I can't find the templates for the pinwheel hot pads and coasters.

  5. The template is available for download from Craftsy here:

  6. Thank you! I may just try to joined strips and use your templates to subcut them (I am rather impatient with individual pieces, HA!) Have you ever tried this? Will let you know. Thank you again.

  7. I have not tried that, but I think it's a great idea! Especially when you're using the same fabric for many pinwheel points. Keep me posted!