Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cleaning house

In preparation for the new year, I organized the growing pile of patterns in my sewing space. I was pleasantly surprised to find some typed and handwritten patterns that belonged to my grandma.

My grandma taught me how to knit when I was in college. My first project, like most new knitters, was a garter stitch scarf. This double-knit scarf pattern was my second ever knitting project. I made one for me, then one for my mom, my sister, and my roommate.

I also found a whole book of sweater patterns for Barbie dolls. Can you imagine knitting such tiny sweaters?! My aunt confirms that she had the best-dressed Barbies in town, with handmade outfits that often matched her own.

My favorite find is an unfinished cross stitch - I plan to finish it and incorporate it into a mini quilt in time for Valentine's day.

This is a good start to my 2015 goals - get (and stay) organized and finish stuff. Now that my patterns are all sorted, I'm moving on to organizing my stash and finishing up a few (of my many) lingering projects this month.

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