Thursday, August 7, 2014

Paper piecing and a big fail

I recently tackled a complicated paper piecing project. It's from a cute pattern by Sew Ichigo called "Kitchen Classics". It was fussy, but not nearly as difficult as I expected. I finished the piecing in a few hours. Here's a picture of how it looked after I quilted it:

Pretty nice, right? I was really happy with it, minus a couple small stains from the Elmer's school glue I used while piecing. I decided to wash the quilt to remove the marks. Here's where things went awry.

know that I prewashed all of this fabric before I started the project. When I handwashed the finished quilt in the bathroom sink the blue Kona fabric bled. A lot. I tried soaking the quilt in an attempt to remove the backstaining, or at least get the blue to backstain everything evenly, but no luck. I tried a weak bleach solution to remove the backstaining and just succeeded in bleaching the blue fabric. Then I soaked everything in a weak bleach solution in a last-ditch effort to even out the staining and fading. It was a total fail. Ugh!

I should've taken a picture of the fail, but it just made me too mad. I threw it in the trash right away. Today is garbage day and I just heard the garbage truck swing by and pick it up. Sigh.

I intend to make this pattern again, but probably not with a white background. And definitely not with the blue fabric. The blue fabric went to the dump today as well. Good riddance!


  1. Oh no! That's so horrible! Have you ever tried Shout color catchers? When I was quilts (in the machine, I'm not patient enough to do it by hand) I always toss in 2-5 depending on the colors, and they always come out some weird color. I've never had any issue with them, even when working with neon fabrics which supposedly bleed more. I hope you try it again though! It looked really cute!

  2. I have tried color catchers when machine washing, and they usually work well. There's only been one quilt that had backstaining when I used color catchers. I think I'll be using them when I handwash quilts now, too!

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