Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Zip-up sweater

Making a zip-up sweater was one of my knitting goals for 2013. I finished it back in October and I'm glad I did - it's getting a lot of wear lately. It's already getting short in the torso, so this is (sadly) a one-season sweater. I wish I had had more yarn to make it longer, but I had literally only inches of yarn left after the i-cord edges.

Isaac's favorite colors lately are brown and orange. I wonder if the sweater has something to do with it?

Pattern: Child's Cardigan, by JC Briar

The zipper is working out so well, I'm not sure I'll ever make a button-down kids sweater again. It's pretty easy to swap out button bands for zippers, I just added a few stitches on each side of the front and did an applied i-cord to finish the edges.

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