Monday, January 13, 2014

Toddler socks

I finished a pair of cozy wool toddler socks just in time for the coldest day of the year!

yarn: trekking xxl

needles: US2

gauge: 8 stitches per inch

These fit Isaac's feet now, with a little room to grow. He currently wears a size 10 shoe. Here's how I made them:

  • cast on 24 stitches using Judy's magic cast on

  • knit 1 round

  • make 4 increases every other round, 6 times (48 stitches)

  • knit 39 rounds

  • increase 2 stitches every three rounds, 4 times

  • knit 1 round

  • work a short row heel on the back 24 stitches. Do short rows until 12 stitches remain.

  • knit 6 rows after finishing heel

  • decrease 2 stitches every other row, 4 times

  • knit until sock is as tall as you want it

  • work 10 rows of 1x1 ribbing

  • bind off with Jenny's surprisingly stretchy bind off

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