Friday, December 13, 2013

Tutorial: Wins Lane Table Runner

I came across the Winter's Lane panel at a quilt show this fall and I knew I had to make something with it. After a lot of measuring, math and sketches I designed a table runner.

It shows off the panes, and it is "readable" by people on both sides of the table. The finished dimensions are 14" x 49".


  • 1 panel of Moda's Winter Lane fabric

  • 3/4 yard red fabric

  • 1 yard white fabric

  • batting

  • thread


  1. (7) panes from the panel of Moda's Winter Lane. Cut 1/4 inch around the dark grey border. Cut pieces will be just under 5" x 7"

  2. (3) 2" x WOF strips from the white fabric, to go between the 5x7 pieces

  3. (1) 6.5" x WOF strips from the white fabric, to go on the top and bottom of the bordered panes

  4. (2) 12" x WOF strips from the white fabric , to piece the back

  5. (6) 1" x WOF strips from the red fabric, to border and connect the 5x7 panes

  6. (4) 2.5" x WOF strips from the red fabric, for binding

  7. (2) 5" x WOF strips from the red fabric, to piece the back


1. Sew a border around the panes. Sew 1" strips at the top and bottom of every pane. Press and trim. Sew 1" strips on both sides of every pane. Press and trim.

2. Put white headers and footers on the panes. From the 6.5" white strip, cut (5) 6.5" x 8" pieces. Cut (2) more 6.5" x 8" pieces from one of the 12" lengths. Sew one 6.5" x 8" pice to the bottom of a pane. Cut off half or more of the white piece, and sew the cut piece to the top of the pane.  You should have (7) 6.5" x 14" panes, with equal or more white on the top than the bottom.

3. Make the connectors for between the panes. From the 2" white strips, cut (8) 14" pieces. Cut each 14" piece in two random pieces, roughly but not exactly in half. Sew a 2" x 1" strip of between the two pieces.

4. Layout your table runner. There will be 4 panes facing you, and 3 panes facing away from you. Connectors will be between each pane, and on the ends. The panes and connectors will all be at slightly different heights.

5. Sew the connectors to the panes. Press.

6. Piece the back. I cut the (2) 12" white strips lengthwise and sewed the 5" red strips between. Then I pieced the (2) resulting 16" strips together for the back.

7. Make the quilt sandwich with top, batting, backing.

8. Quilt and bind.

9. I like my quilts to be washed and crinkly, so I washed mine. With hot water. The red fabric (Kona) or some other red fabric in the wash bled, but only onto the Moda panels. I find it odd that only the Moda panel absorbed the red color, but I like the look so I'm sticking with it.

I quilted this along the edges of the red fabric, and around the top and bottoms of the panes. When I do this in a non-seasonal print, I'll do denser quilting to hold up to everyday wear.

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  1. Looks great and also pink is the retro-haute-Christmas color anyway!