Monday, October 28, 2013

First and Latest

I started my first pieced quilt over a decade ago. I joined a block of the month club at a local quilt shop, and I pieced one block every month for a year. Then I let the blocks sit around for a couple years before assembling the top. I had a friend quilt it, then let it sit around for another few years before binding it. That's how my first quilt also became my latest finished quilt, approximately 12 years later. Sigh.


I am a little upset that a lot of the batiks bled, especially the blue that I used for sashing and binding, which is also in a few of the blocks. I put a few tablespoons of synthrapol and two color catchers in the wash, and there was still some backstaining. For the block of the month club, we picked up a little kit every month with instructions and just barely enough fabric to make the block - so there was no way to prewash the fabric. I've learned a lesson for next time though - always always always prewash batiks.

I do really like the quilt now that it's all washed and crinkly and (finally) ready to use.

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