Sunday, September 29, 2013

Baby Plaid Quilt Pattern

I've been kicking around the idea of a plaid quilt for a while. This summer I did a lot of sketches, some math, bought some fabric and stitched a baby quilt. And then I wrote up the pattern.


I wanted a simple, bold, macro-view of a plaid pattern. I wanted the crossing of stripes to mimic a woven plaid, where two stripes combine to create a new color. I also wanted it to be efficient - quick and easy to piece, with minimal leftover fabric. Although the top of the quilt uses 10 different fabrics, there is not a lot leftover. For 5 of the fabrics only a fat eighth or 1/8 yard is required.

The finished dimensions are 36" x 50", which is big enough to cover a standard toddler bed. I made this quilt for a baby boy, but I know it would look equally cute in girly colors. I already have plans for a few more.

I quilted the background pretty densely and quilted into the plaid stripes by about 1/8". I think straight lines at a 45 degree angle across the whole quilt or meandering in the background would also look great.

I've written up the pattern and it's available in my etsy shop. The pattern includes tips for selecting fabric, detailed instructions and diagrams for cutting and piecing the top.


  1. I love this quilt! (And your placemats too!) Very cool.

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