Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Papa hat

Me in my Uptown Coat, Isaac in his "papa hat". This was back in November when we were waiting for snow. Now we can't wait for the snow to leave.

Isaac loves his papas. He calls this his papa hat. It is in fact a Huck Finn cap that I made using the Sew Liberated pattern. It was not easy - I had a lot of difficulty with the brim, but it was worth it. He wears it often, he loves it, and he gets a lot of compliments on it. I'm already planning a papa hat in the next size up.

I made my jacket years ago in a class at Crafty Planet. It is probably the sewing project I am most proud of, definitely the garment I am most proud of. I am planning another jacket for next fall that will hopefully top this one.

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