Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013: the year I finish things

This year will be different. See - I've already finished something!

Yarn: Wolmeisse

Needles: US4 addi clicks

Pattern: Hitchhiker (ravelry)

The pattern is easy and makes a nice long scarf. The yarn is beautiful and there was a lot of it - over 500 yards I think - so it took a while to finish. Almost two years, actually, which is too long even for a gigantic ball of yarn. I've organized my yarn and fabric closet and noticed a lot of other projects that have been languishing for far too long. 2013 will be the year they are finished. I have plans.


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    I have knit this pattern as written and with my own tweaks in several different colors of sock yarn.. It's a great go-to for no-nylon sock yarn; easy, quick, fun, fun-to-wear! Congrats CarrieBee on finishing your first project of many in 2013!

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