Monday, June 4, 2012

Pallet table

Last year Far Out Flora posted about a DIY pallet table. Theirs was a regular size table with a planter of succulents in the middle. I started to work on my own shortly after that, when I found a discarded pallet in our neighborhood. One pallet was just enough to make the top for a small, short table for our patio. It's handy for bbq's, and doubles as a toddler table. Isaac was thrilled to be able to snack AND pick flowers at the same time. You can see how he discarded his lovey in exchange for a pile of cheddar bunnies.


I planted pansies instead of succulents in my table this April. They are still holding up quite well, despite the fact that I've only remembered to water them a few times. I think next year I'll try mint, other herbs or strawberries.

I covered the table with two coats of a mineral-oil based solution that was recommended by a local "green" home goods store. It was $30 for a pint, but there was enough to coat our other patio furniture and still have quite a bit left over for next year. It's working well - when it rains (or when I remember to water the pansies) water beads up on the boards instead of soaking in. Hopefully that means this table will be around for many more seasons!

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