Sunday, May 20, 2012

Quilt two

The second baby quilt is a Sparkle Punch quilt, pattern by Oh, Fransson! I used a lot of negative space instead of doing an all-over star pattern.


I found the fabric for the stars at Joann's. I love the plaid and alphabet dots fabric. I forget the name of the fabric collection, but it was one of their "premium quilting fabrics." I bought yards of it and have been hoarding it, and the coordinates, until I the right project came along. The backgrounds for the front and back are Kona solids and the binding is something I picked up at a local fabric store.

I did random straight line quilting for this. I thought about doing a grid but just didn't think that would look right with the wonky stars. I always think that random lines will be quicker than a grid... but they are not. It's some work to get them to look balanced.

I like the back as much as the front! Here you can see that the lines aren't perfectly straight. Some of them are more wonky than others.

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  1. i love your quilt! the green and blue are so great, and i love the abstract stars and the here and there lines :)