Saturday, May 19, 2012

Quilt one

The first of the three baby quilts was inspired by a quilt by CraftBlossom. Her design is so simple yet awesome.


I wanted to do the same design, but with one print. I found the lovely Jay-Cyn Designs Storyboek fabric @ fabricworm. I purchased a half yard of it, and I believe a third yard of each of 8 different Kona solids: three reds, 4 greys and bone.

I randomly paired up the fabrics and sewed a bunch of 5.5 inch half square triangles.

Isaac was in a particularly snugly mood while I was photographing the quilt. I brought out one of his quilts in an effort to trade/distract, but he was not having it. All the snugly things are mine! ALL OF THEM! His favorite book, Little Lamb, is in the picture above. It's his favorite because he likes to bite the puppet.

There was just enough leftover to piece a back from the scraps. And I mean just enough. There were only a few 1" strips and spare HSTs left over. I'm especially proud that the quilting lines are parallel to the stripes on the back. I tried really really hard to make this happen, but thought things would have shifted more when I was quilting. To get the stripes to line up with the quilting, I 1)lined the seams up with the seams in our hardwood floor while I was basting the quilt, 2) put a basting pin in each HST, and 3) quilted the short seams on the front side first - the ones that run parallel to the stripes in the back.

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