Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Winter knits

Although I didn't post during the winter, I was busy making stuff. I knit a few winter things for Isaac . Sadly (?) it looks like winter might already be over, so he may not have many more opportunities to wear them.


Pattern: Baby Sophisticate (ravelry)

Yarn: Rowan Cotton Jeans

Modifications: I cast on 44 stitches. Row 1: sl1, k5, pm, k7, pm, k18, pm, k7, pm, k6

Pattern: Toddler t-shirt vest (ravelry)

Yarn: Malabrigo cotton

I know I made some modifications to the pattern, but I forgot to take notes. I think this will fit him again in the fall. Maybe.

Pattern: Baby owl vest (ravelry)

Yarn: S. R. Kertzer Down to Earth Cotton

Again, I made some modifications and I forgot to write them down. This will definitely not fit again in the fall. I might have to make a larger one.

For next winter, I'm planning some hats with earflaps and ties, more vests, and at least one cardigan.

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  1. Baby owl is adorable! I hope you get another opportunity to see him in it. Spring already!