Saturday, July 23, 2011

Warm Cool QAL - finished top

I've got my Warm Cool quilt top all stitched together!

Remember when I mentioned that taking a picture of the layout before chain-piecing is tremendously helpful? Well. You know what else is tremendously helpful? Sewing the blocks together along the correct edge. Notice the difference between what the quilt top looks like (above) and what I intended it to look like (below).

Doh! After I realized what I'd done, I just ripped apart 2 of the center blocks, swapped 2 triangles around and called it good. I may have also (accidentally) swapped a couple columns around, but it's hard to tell. I feel silly having spent all that time laying out the top, taking a photo, meticulously pairing up and stacking blocks to sew together, only to make a large mistake and still have the top turn out decent. Perhaps I did not need to spend so much time sweating the layout.

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