Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stained glass quilts : 3 of 4

For Christmas, my parents requested four table covers for the occasional tables in their living room. They have really nice handcrafted mission-style furniture and wanted handmade table covers for them. I wanted to stick with the arts-and-crafts-movement theme of their living room, so I spent hours on the interwebs researching stained glass designs by prairie school architects.

I managed to finish three before Christmas, the fourth and largest one will have to wait until after New Year's. Each piece is made to fit a specific table. This first one is a 10.5" square, it's the simplest and completely covers the top of a fern stand.


The second one is a 14.5" square for a small occasional table.


Details of the second piece.


The third is for a side table that will hold a beautiful stained glass lamp and some knick-knacks.


Apologies for the photo quality... I spent so much time sewing these that I did not have time to take proper pictures before they were gifted. I'll take better photos of the fourth piece, I promise.

I didn't keep close track, but I think these three pieces took about 100 hours and $75 in materials. The gold batik is one solid piece, the binding and "lead" are both made out of bias tape. For the lead I used a Clover 3/8" bias tape maker. I used fusible interfacing to iron the lead and red accent pieces to the gold batik. Once the design was fused in place, I made a "quilt sandwich" with the top, batting and back. For the first two pieces, I machine-basted along a few of the bias tape lines before quilting. This did not seem to help much, the backing still bunched a little bit. For the third piece, I started quilting at the bottom left side and worked my way up and over, and that turned out much better. After the quilting was done, I buried all the ends on the front and back of the pieces. I was afraid if  just trimmed the ends they might start to unravel in time. The binding is hand-sewn for the first piece and machine-sewn for the second and third.

I'm incredibly happy with how the second and third pieces turned out. I feel like the first piece is a bit plain in comparison. I'm looking forward to starting the fourth piece, about 22x40" for a coffee table, after New Years. I already have a design sketched. My parents were thrilled with the table covers and have already requested more.