Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Paperback book cover

With the weather cooling down I'm doing less bike commuting and more bus commuting. Bus commuting = reading time. I wanted to take better care of the paperback books I read on the bus, especially the ones I am borrowing, so I devised a book cover:



I love it. It's thick enough that it protects the book from getting bent up and bruised in my purse, but it only adds a few millimeters to the bulk of the book. And the inter-office mailing envelope type closure means it will fit books of almost any thickness.  As long as the books are of the same format. I learned there are, unfortunately, three different formats for paperback  books:

A Format paperbacks are 110 mm x 178mm (4.33" x 7.01")in size,
B Format paperbacks are 130 mm x 198mm (5.12" x 7.8"),
C Format (trade paperbacks) are 135 mm x 216mm (5.32" x 8.51")

Doh! Guess I'll be making 3 different sized paperback book covers.


  1. Oh could you please share the pattern/how to? I love reading on the go but my books always get so damaged in my bag or purse.

  2. Hi there, do you sell the pattern? I need to make a book cover for my books but am useless without some directions

  3. I don't currently have a pattern written up. I hope to make more sizes this fall and will write up a tutorial or pattern when I do.

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