Monday, April 13, 2009

Aleita seams

I have spent over 4 hours trying to seam the shoulders of my Aleita vest. I'm really good at kitchener stitch over stockinette stitch, but somehow kitchener stitch over ribbing eludes me. Here's the latest unsuccesful attempt on the right side:


And the different, but equally unsuccesful attempt on the left side:


Somehow no matter what technique I use, the further I go the more 'off' the ribbing gets. Ugh. Things go awry after the first 8 stitches. The pattern has you bind off 8 stitches every row for 4 rows; it's hard to accomodate for the extra rows after those first 8 stitches. I'm going to give it a couple more tries tonight.

On a different note, check out how well the super-marco function works on the new camera! It's a bajillion times better than the old one.

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  1. how do you get kitchener's stitch to work on garter? I have been working on a lace project for 2 years and am finally at a point where i can join the seams, but when i try to do the kitcheners stitch, i end up with a section on the back of stockinette stitch. The entire project is garter stitch so this REALLY stands out.