Monday, April 13, 2009

Aleita seams

I have spent over 4 hours trying to seam the shoulders of my Aleita vest. I'm really good at kitchener stitch over stockinette stitch, but somehow kitchener stitch over ribbing eludes me. Here's the latest unsuccesful attempt on the right side:


And the different, but equally unsuccesful attempt on the left side:


Somehow no matter what technique I use, the further I go the more 'off' the ribbing gets. Ugh. Things go awry after the first 8 stitches. The pattern has you bind off 8 stitches every row for 4 rows; it's hard to accomodate for the extra rows after those first 8 stitches. I'm going to give it a couple more tries tonight.

On a different note, check out how well the super-marco function works on the new camera! It's a bajillion times better than the old one.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Farewell, Atari!

I spent a good chunk of my early childhood playing Atari games. My parents gave me their old Atari 800 and I've been meaning to hook it up to the tv for years, but I never got around to it. This weekend I decided it's time to find the Atari a new home, one where it will actually be used. Because, believe it or not, it is still in working condition. I dusted the thing off for a photoshoot (with my new Canon 200SX - hopefully it has the lifespan of the Atari) before posting it on craigslist.





My parents even saved most of the documentation. This stuff is great!


Bounty Bob, the star of my favorite game ever - Miner 2049er. I don't think I ever got past level 8 of 10, despite hours and hours of trying.


Super Breakout, my second favorite game ever. This was the only game I played that used the paddle controller.


A Basic programming guide for the Atari. I never used this. It was news to me that the Atari was actually a *computer* and not just a game console. Turns out it is still one of the most powerful 8-bit home computers available. Check out the Atari Museum for more fun facts.