Thursday, March 19, 2009

Left / Right socks

The left / right socks are finished!


It's not obvious in the picture above, but for a better fit the socks are tailored differently for the left and right feet.


Yarn: Crystal Palace Maizy

Needles: US2

Pattern: I used the Knitty magic cast on to cast on 28 stitches for each sock using one long circular needle. On odd numbered rows I increased 1 stitch (by knitting in the front and back loop) at the beginning and end of each side of the sock - so 4 stitches total per row. On even numbered rows I knit all stitches. After a few increase rounds I stopped increasing on the inside of the socks and increased only on the outside.

The toes of the socks fit really well, but the ankle is a little baggy. If I make my husband another pair of socks I would decrease a few stitches around the ankle.

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  1. nice work! may i post your pics and link to you on our CPY blog?