Saturday, January 31, 2009

I can still sew!

After months of not sewing at all, I put together this quilt top. In a day. Now I just have to put the borders on it and, um, quilt it. I really want to quilt it myself with my Bernina 830, it's a lap blanket so it seems like it's of a manageable size. but there are a few obstacles in my way. First, I have to practice quilting. I am not so good at it. I don't have a walking foot, so I'm going to have to get good at free-motion quilting. Second, I have to find a way to stretch the quilt so that the backing, batting and quilt top don't pucker. Third, I have to clean off my sewing table so there is room to actually quilt. I'm aiming to have this quilt done by the end of the year.


Friday, January 2, 2009

2008 / 2009

2008 finished projects:


2009 WIPs:


2009 knitting stash:

BeroccoSoxNoro sock yarnyarnGoldenChaitofutsiesyarnMalabrigoLace

My goals for 2009:

  • Finish all the WIPs and knit all of the yarn above

  • Get (and keep!) knitting stash under 5 miles of yarn

  • Finish 2 quilts

  • Knit one colorwork piece

  • Create one original knitting pattern

  • Sew one purse

  • Sew 3 shirts

  • Take (and frame!) more pictures

Thursday, January 1, 2009

One mitten down...

I was able to finish one thrummed mitten over Christmas break. I made the thrums for this mitten a little bigger and also added 4 stitches to the mitten (so 48 instead of 44). I really like how the mitten turned out, it fits and I think it's going to be extremely warm. I have to get more fiber before I can start on the second mitten, so I'll probably have to wait until the weekend to make more progress on the second mitten.


I have a bunch of leftover fiber from the first pair of mittens, I think I'll make a felt garland for spring.