Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer time

Summer is in full swing here, hence the lack of posts. I've been alternating between doing a ton of home improvement, gardening and biking, or laying on the couch watching Battlestar Galactica because it is too hot to do anything else, all of which cut into crafting and blogging time. Battlestar Galactica rocks, we are just starting season 2. I highly recommend it.

Although my crafting time has been decreasing lately, I have been working on finishing up a bunch of UFOs... I think I currently have 2 pairs of socks, a scarf, a blanket, a sweater and a pair of mittens on the needles. I am starting to run out of knitting needles. I also have a pile of sewing projects in various stages of incompletion: two Amy Butler patterns, a linen skirt, linen pants, some tshirts, 2 button down shirts and some purses. This weekend I am going to do some sewing.

In other news... a baby is on the way! A cousin is having her first baby, it's due in December. I've already started a Baby Surprise sweater. Surprise, it looks nothing like a sweater!


A couple of folds, seams and buttons and it will look like a sweater.


I'm not very happy with how the bind off looks, I might end up crocheting around the sweater if it doesn't look better after blocking. I suspect this is the first of many baby sweaters, so I will have many opportunities to perfect the bind off on the Baby Surprise Jacket. I knit this with Trekking XXL, I have enough left over to make booties and maybe a hat as well.

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