Sunday, March 11, 2007

Tutorial: Circular knittng needle case


  • Finished dimensions: 16w x 13h, totally unfolded, about 4w x 8h folded
  • 8 pockets

  • Outer fabric: (1) 17w x 14 h
  • Inner fabric:
    • (1) 17w x 14h
    • (1) 17w x 10h
    • (1) 17w x 12h
  • 2 feet of ribbon
  • Matching thread

  • Prepare pockets
    • Fold both pockets in half the long way
    • Iron
    • Straight stitch as close as possible to the fold

  • Attach the top pocket
    • Turn in the unfinished edges on the long side of the pocket by 1/4" and iron
    • Lay the pocket on the 17w x 14h piece of inner fabric. The straight-stitched side should be 7" from the bottom. Pin the bottom of the pocket in place. (see picture below)

    • Stitch the bottom of the pocket to the inner fabric
    • Baste the sides of the pocket to the sides of the inner fabric with a 1/4" seam allowance. Stitch from the bottom of the pocket to the top. (see picture below)


  • Attach the bottom pocket
    • Align the bottom (un-hemmed) edge of the bottom pocket with the bottom edge of the large inner piece.
    • Baste both the sides and bottoms of the pockets to keep them in place with a 1/4" seam allowance. (see picture below)

  • Sew inner and outer fabrics together
    • Pin the inner and outer fabrics together, right sides together. Stitch with a 1/2" seam allowance, leaving a 4" opening
  • Turn needlecase right-side out
  • Iron
  • Straight-stitch around entire needlecase, as close to the edge as possible
  • Sew pocket separations
    • With a chalk pencil mark 4" pockets on the needlecase
    • Pin on both sides of the chalk lines
    • Stitch along the chalk lines from the top of the pockets to the bottom
  • Attach ribbon. Sew the middle of the ribbon to the outside of the needlecase, along one of the pocket separation seams.

Happy knitting!!


  1. Nice tutorial! I found a pair of circular knitting needles in a box at my parents' house this weekend, so now I have an excuse to make this, and then to fill it up! I love the purple fabric as well.

  2. I very much needed one of these for my circular needles. I have one for my straight needles, but need to make a new one so here's another excuse to spend some time sewing!