Sunday, February 11, 2007

WIP: quilt layout

After much deliberation, this is the layout I've decided on for the Wheel of Mystery quilt:

<img src="" alt="

I'm not a big fan of those two lonely red pieces, or any of the red pieces for that matter - they are just so different from all the other colors in the quilt. Oh well. It didn't take as long as I thought to lay out the pieces. Some lessons I learned were:
  1. When sorting batik fabrics into "light" and "dark" you need to sort the individual pieces. There is so much variation in the fabric that two pieces cut from the same fabric could be totally different colors.
  2. Use a black and white photograph to help distinguish between "light" and "dark" pieces. (This idea was inspired by Penny's comment. Thanks, Penny!!)
I still have quite a ways to go before the quilt is completely pieced. I only have the "A" and "B" pieces paired up, I still need to join them into blocks using the "C" pieces.

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